HR technology trends in 2021: What to expect

HR technology trends in 2021: What to expect

As the world is dominated by technology, thus, every year we can see that new trends are arising in diverse industries and human resources is being one of them. Moreover, HR software day by day becomes a necessity, especially when the world is going through a lockdown.

1. Remote teams
In 2020, almost each of us had to work from home. This switch has made great changes in many companies and at the same time has provoked a shift in mindset as well. Moreover, many companies were deeply skeptical about remote work, however, the same companies have announced that it will be better if the staff have the right to work from home forever. Furthermore, many companies have started to create clearly defined remote work policies.
Thus, companies need to have the right HR technology in order to be able to deal with arising human resource trends.
This includes:

  • payroll and remote paychecks
  • management tools/systems for virtual performance
  • employee self-service portals
  • leave and absence management

Furthermore, companies are also exploring messaging suites and project management tools like Trello and Slack in order to be able to retain a high level of communication and to keep everybody up-to-date as well.

2. Focus on employee mental health

Due to worldwide quarantine, a lot of people began to prioritize their mental and physical health. This drove many organizations to focus more on mental health support, by creating better work-life balances. All these efforts will have a great impact on team productivity and the company as a whole while helping to prevent burnout.

3. Development and learning
The next HR trend is concerned with development and learning. Organizations concluded that it will be better if they upskill already existing HR teams rather than looking for novel talents.
For HR, there are 3 key capabilities: digital integration, data literacy, and business acumen.

4. Enhanced and personalized recruiting experience

In order to succeed in the hiring and recruitment process, we need a customized applicant tracking system. Namely, this system can guarantee that only qualified applicants are getting through the initial screening. Furthermore, It also makes it easy for candidates the process of submitting their materials online. Moreover, AL can also help in this case, by selecting easily perfect matches and managing large amounts of candidates as well.

5. Employee self-service tools (EES)

Employees want to update and access their personal information through ESS systems. It gives employees the ability to do HR-related duties without filing paperwork with HR.

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